Monday, June 20, 2011

Words from a Journal - #12

Words from a journal of a student of Spiritual Discipline

It is now June 20, 2011 - I just discovered that this writing had never been posted! A bit out of season, but I am sure the meaning is still the same. Wow! a voice from the past! R. Jeremiah

"February 10, 2010 - In reading "Better Prayers" this morning I opened right to page 43 and read a strong affirmation of yesterdays call to be humble. "Your work for Christ must be Christ's work in you or else it will be good for nothing" Wow! Sophia, you surprised me so early this morning. I don't know why I am surprised, you are working in me all the time. It is I who am intermittent! ... I was going to pray for no more snow today, but snow is a part of winter so why should I be so presumptuous as to not understand the value of snow. Yes, snow has value. The moisture it returns to the soil is necessary - a redistribution of water from one place to another. Look at the value to painters and other artists - at the recreation associated with snow. Oh! Sophia, where are you taking me? What is it about church that is so necessary, but yet we avoid it and even may pray against it? Could it be the work required to operate the church; the work required for ministry! Is the concept of cheap Grace being driven home? Maybe it's not "work" in the classical sense, but the time and dedication and DISCIPLINE that is really required to be in Christ. Yes, we know we are saved through Christ, but to grow closer to Christ, to truely abide in him, takes time and effort! Significant discipline is required. As snow is beautiful, so is God's grace! Coping with snow - receiving the value from it, is the same as receiving the bountiful love of God by coping with the disciplines of Spiritual Growth. Look beyond the inconvenience of the snow or of keeping the disciplines to the beauty which lays beyond. Salvation is free, but pleasing God more and more each day requires growing in him. The disciplines are extremely demanding; perhaps if I had had real instruction as a young man I would have had the time to grow more into them. My growth has been spurty at best - a lot 30 plus years ago and then very little. But in the past year - WOW! Sophia was hiding behind a tree for many years. Every once in awhile she would jump out and say peek-a-boo! But now she is right in front of me, gesturing for me to hurry up and follow her up the trail to yet another vista of Gods creation and our role in pleasing him - it takes my breath away - it is work, but oh, such good work!"

Talk to your Pastor as to how to grow more into Christ. Which Discipline is the right one for you? Pray earnestly for guidance from Sophia. the Holy Spirit.

R. Jeremiah

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