Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fear Not by AEK

The Bible book that at my age
I'm still not thru.
The book of creation I like to read
the why, where and the how.
Then the book of His rules
the why, where, and the how.
The best books are the life
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The why, where and the how.
There are books about how
His Church was started and books
of mysteries and histories.
These books were written for you and me
The most words used I've told are
"Fear Not" not only once but many times.
Having trials in your relations
"Fear Not"
Calamities that shake our psychic
"Fear Not"
Christ is with us.
Doors open and doors close
Knowing not His purpose or plan,
things we don't understand
"Fear Not" He'll show the way
His will be done and in our final throes
"Fear Not" His promise
He'll always be beside us.
"Fear not only believe"

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