Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Words from a Journal - #17

Words from the journal of a student of spiritual discipline.

June 21, 2011 - As I was writing it hit me that I either stumble or simply pay lip service to many Bible words that are just not part of our language or even relevant in 2011 in the USA. What are the words that we should use to show respect, thanks to and honor toward? We use the words for God of Lord or master. These terms have little true visceral meaning to us. Now there is yet another idea for a class on spiritual words and terminology. Such a class would have profound effect on our public prayers. I suspect that one reason folks hesitate to pray in public is a hangup on terminology, i.e., using words outside of our day to day experience.

I have been pretty frustrated with myself these past several months. I maintained little discipline and was easily distracted. I think this morning my spirit is like an old engine that is being started after a long time of just sitting. There is a lot of sputtering and banging and clanging and coughing. The spark plug is dirty and the spark is only periodically causing combustion. When this happens the person trying to start the engine gets tired, frustrated and angry, not to mention out of breath and ill tempered. Wow! sure sounds like me Lord. I know that the battery (the Holy Spirit) is fully charged. It is I who needs to keep my plugs clean and provide for clean, plentiful fuel - the word of God. I must come to the Lord every day with an open spirit grasping for truth and a clean windshield to give me vision but to protect me from the "bugs" of life!

R. Jeremiah

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