Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pastor John Ranney Update

Dear friends in Christ, > > I spoke with Margo a little while ago. While Pastor John is still in very serious condition at University of MD Medical Center neurological ICU, there has been a slight improvement in terms of the amount of swelling in his brain. He has been intubated, but he has been able to communicate non-verbally with Margo and others. There may be other surgical interventions coming. > > Pastor John and his family deeply appreciate the prayers, the visits from pastoral colleagues, and the many expressions of support they have received. They are all much-needed sources of light in a dark time. Even in a best-case outcome, this will be a very long journey, and the love that so many of you have shown is providing great strength to all of them. Keep the prayers going, and as Margo said to me, "Don't feel like the prayers aren't working even if we're not getting the immediate answer we all want. The prayers ARE helping him and us." > > > > In Christ, > Pastor Evers, Reformation Lutheran Church

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rev. John Ranney, Former Pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church in Milford, suffered two strokes on Sunday, October 14. He is currently in the ICU at University of Maryland Hospital. Please keep Pastor Ranney and his wife, Margo, in you prayers. Pastor Bettye

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Speakers at CLC Annual Meeting Oct 7, 2012 #1

Speakers at our October 7, 2012 Annual Meeting include Pastor Bettye, Dave Bartges, and Paul Hanke (first of two posts).

Speakers at Oct 7, 2012 Annual Meeting

Speakers at our Annual Meeting on October 7, 2012 include Ted Byram, Tom Koerner, Jim Landis, and Mary Ellen Engler (second of two posts).

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pastor's 5th Anniversary of Ordination #3

Third/last set of pictures from celebration commemorating Pastor Bettye's 5th Anniversary of Ordination.

Pastor's 5th Anniversary of Ordination #2

Second set of pictures commemorating Pastor Bettye's 5th Anniversary of Ordination

Pastor's 5th Anniversary of Ordination

September 30, 2012 reception honoring Pastor Bettye's 5th Anniversary of Ordination. [first of three posts]

Commissioning of Teachers, Sept 30, 2012

From Order of Blessing and Commissioning of Teachers during September 30, 2012 Liturgy