Monday, June 20, 2011

Words from a Journal - #15

Words from a journal of a student of Spiritual Discipline

June 15, 2011 Jeremiah has been on a sabbatical so to speak! The last "Words from a Journal" that were posted on the blog were on September 21, 2010. This does not mean that journaling has not been taking place – it certainly has! Satan really got to working on me – throwing doubt into my mind. Perhaps a better word would be “Reluctance” to share with others or even to question my “calling” to share words given to me by the Holy Spirit with others.

This has been crystallizing in my mind over the past several months, but has finally been confirmed by several events over the past several weeks. A number of “coincidences” occurred which have certainly clarified a direction for me. Several weeks ago Pastor Bettye mentioned during her sermon that new procedures have been established by The Order of St. Stephan Deacon to train Deacons. She then presented me with a copy of the literature saying that she just wanted me to be aware of the program. Well my wife and I read the literature and discussed what it all meant. Between my age and our family health issues, it seemed to be a physical impossibility for me to even consider. But the real issue is that the ministry of the Deacons is one of Word and Service that we both know is not my calling. So what is my calling? A week or so previously I had journaled that my wife was probably afraid that I would get back on council again. (as it turns out just the opposite is true!) I wrote that I must pray real hard about this one. In one sense it would seem that church administration is a calling of mine, but Jeremiah has a calling also and that has been slipping away. But the crowning coincidence was Pastor Tim’s sermon on June 14, Pentacost Sunday, when he preached on "What is it that I am to do?" The Holy Spirit will tell us if we but listen.

Listening is usually pretty easy, once the Holy Spirit has our attention. Well it seems that I needed a 2X4 to the side of my head to get my attention. Ok God I hear you. I will put some discipline back into my spirituality! Stay tuned.

R. Jeremiah

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